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Anti-Gravity Boots

Why walk when you can jump!

The dream of defying gravity has captivated mankind for generations. From the mythical seven-league boots of medieval times to the bizarre tales of Spring Heeled Jack in the Victorian era, there has always been an enduring fascination with the ability to seemingly loose the bonds of gravity and travel in superhuman leaps.

Now, thanks to recent breakthroughs in materials and design, you can experience for yourself the thrill of running in enormous leaps and bounds, and performing athletic feats that you won't believe yourself capable of.

With a range of different anti-gravity boots on the market, we can help you decide which type are right for you, and show you where to get the best possible deal on your chosen pair.

Anti-gravity boots - the next new trend

Stay fit while jumping around, much more fun than the gym!

Anti Gravity Boots Girl JumpingAlthough relatively new to the market, anti-gravity boots already look set to become the next big thing amongst thrill seekers and fans of extreme sports such as skateboarding, snowboarding and rollerblading.

Not only do anti-gravity boots provide the wearer with the unique sensation of defying gravity, some types also allow the user to perform breathtaking acrobatic stunts. With a little practice (and suitable safety gear, of course), more adventurous wearers can execute death-defying leaps, flips and somersaults that have to be seen to be believed.

And of course, because anti-gravity boots force you to use different muscles than you usually would when walking or running, they also provide a unique workout that will strengthen and tone the legs as well as building core strength that is vital for all kinds of other sports.

So if you want to see the different types of anti-gravity boots that are currently available and find out how to use them, have a browse through our site to learn more.